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olikewoah's Journal

9 January
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"We're artists," tim said, meaning outlaws. - The Secret Lives of Altar Boys.
age seventeen, almost-truths, artistic collaboration, banksy, bike rides, bookbinding, braces, busses like beasts, cigar boxes, climbing rooftops, cooperative living, dossiers, dream sequences, droppin it, endless highways, filing things, fire escapes, forever summers, gigantic paintings, howl, icecoffee jitters, idealism, installation art, interactive art, internet as another dimension, joseph cornell, journals, kerouiackian cliches, killa beats, lists, mashing up words, new books smells, noisy dance music, noisy noise music, old things, optimism, outdoor parties, parks in urban centers, personal symbolism, philip roth, poetic prose, progressive education, public transportation, romantisism of everyday life, rust, self education, skankingmoshinghipshaking, small collages, spilling, streetlights after it rains, super-contrasty photographs, the epic, the mbta, theend of the world, trying, unemployment, violent spoken word, watching prints develop, well-designed street art, wide eyes, winding sentances